Cullen West Interiors
Hilton Lincoln Center Dallas Texas


10' x 4' oil on linen painting for the entrance lobby.
See reference materials here.


Draft of final artwork constructed on 52" x 24" oil on canvas. This piece is indicative of the final painting.

Any changes need to be made during this stage before further execution of the final painting. Please email the studio for suggestions/ changes.

This is an abstracted view of the Hilton Galleria in the foreground and a collection of downtown Dallas buildings in the background. The painting is built in several layers where you can just make out translucent writing in the shadows.

Please note: there is a camera distortion of color and shape. The Cobalt Turquoise- based paint which dominates the landscape is a lovely match to the color samples.


Five concepts are included to review in pencil and oil. These initial working drawings are for concept only and not indicative of final product. After the concept is selected, a working drawing will be created in reduced size in oil on linen for approval before execution of the final piece to size.

1. Abstract Landscape

Abstracted view of landscape in morning in mixed media. The linen will be stained with pigmented ink, and oil paint. Bands of light to dark in burn umber, yellow ochre will form the compositional element. Writing will represent the foreground. Natural linen canvas will show through the painting. This piece is in the neo expressionist/ neo dada style similar to Cy Twombly.

2. Abstract Cityscape

Abstracted view of Dallas landscape in signature style. Writing in prose about the city is incorporated into the shadows. The piece will be stylized similar to the cityscape paintings with a palette to complement the interior renovation. Burnt Umber, Crimson, Aquamarine, Ochre. The piece can be based on the actual location of the hotel, or conversely of the signature view of the city (see reference images) to create a powerful compositional form.

3. Abstract Forest

Abstracted impressionist view of forest. Natural linen canvas will show through the backs of the trees. Staining wash. Burnt umbers and crimson and ochre with jade and emerald green shadows. Signature writing in foreground to represent roots.


  • 4. Seascape

  • Dutch influenced neo-expressionist revivalist representation of seascape. Impasto finish with high gloss coat varnish overlay. Writing in the waves. Abstracted in close up.

    5. Abstract Figurative

    Neo-expressionist abstract figurative. Rich impasto finish with varnish overlay. Mixed media. Proof of concept may vary from final due to nature of work. This style if elemental from the early years.


Final artwork will be shown here. The piece will be photographed, scanned and uploaded for reference and printing materials.


This painting is created on fine hand made Linen stretched on heavy-duty hard wood stretchers with reinforced steel bars. This fine constuction will reduce long term maintenance and is least susceptible to warping.



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